How Many People Have You Had Sex With?

sex partnersOh the ever daunting question of how many sexual partners you've had.

Some have no problem revealing the number, others...well maybe they can't remember. I had an ex-boyfriend tell me he had no idea. I assumed the worst -- maybe he couldn't count that high.


I personally wouldn't offer up the info during breakfast.

Hey honey, can you pass the butter? I had sex with x guys by the way. Oh and I x with x girls, too. Thanks. Did you already put sugar in my coffee?

I personally have no problem sharing my number with my hubs. And what he did (or rather how many) before he was with me has no effect on our realtionship.

But if your partner asks, what do (or did) you do?

Of course, there are three ways that conversation could go:

  • You could lie. I've heard the rule of thumb to add five to whatever number someone tells you because they never reveal the truth. Some do, I'm sure.
  • You could tell the truth.
  • You could dodge the question. Say something like...oh baby, you are so amazing, it's like there was no one before you.

Have you revealed your sexual past to your partner?


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