How Do You Initiate Sex?

initiate sexSome of us complain that we aren't having enough sex. So I guess we should look into how much we actually initiate it.

Does saying "I'm feeling sexy time" count?


Don't laugh. My "feeling sexy time" line works every time. OK, laugh all you want. It is pretty silly. Whatever works, right?

There are certainly other ways to initiate sex, so I added a few more and combined them with some ideas I found on CafeMom:

  • Kiss his neck, move down to chest....
  • Walk into the living room naked and say "You wanna? It's a commercial."
  • Wake him up with a BJ.
  • Say, "I can't wait for the kids to me in the shower after story time."
  • Have phone sex before you get home (or he gets home).
  • Send him a sexy text.
  • Give him a grocery list of things to pick up, but add in some words that will let him know you want to get it on.
  • Nibble on his ear, let your hands wander, too.
  • Leave lingerie on the bed.
  • Have the house ready with the kids with a sitter, music playing, and candles lit.

Share your ideas. How do you initiate sex?

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