Public Displays of Affection

public displays of affection

Photo by JenMarieRN

The Journal post by 4blownaway about what happened to her recently at the Renaissance Fair got me thinking about public displays of affection. Here's how she tells it:

"It was sooooo sweet and embarrassing! First my daughter found the bard/scholar and told him that my husband wanted to send a singing telegram. Well, my husband told the scholar what do do. The scholar followed me around the Renaissance Fair singing that my husband loved me! Embarrassing, but totally cool."

My cousin's finance proposed to her in the middle of the skating rink at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC. My friend Katie's husband, during a trip to the local aquarium, arranged for "the question" to be displayed on the screen in the packed IMAX theater that was showing a movie about sharks. Everyone oohed an ahed and applauded the newly engaged kissing couple.


Very romantic, all of it, but what I say to this is ... AHHH! I would freak out. My husband proposed in a common room at a mountain house where we were staying for the weekend. There were a few other guests sitting around the fireplace, so he was very quiet about it. But still I panicked, grabbed the ring, and went flying from the room. I think I yelled "yes" on the way out.

Do you like such public displays of affection and proposal, or do you prefer your romantic moments private? How would you have reacted to the bard at the fair or a movie screen proposal?

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