Sharing Email Addys to Keep Faithful

sharing email to stay faithfulNot that I'm the slightest bit tempted, but it would be difficult to keep an online affair from my husband. And vica versa. I know the password to his personal email, and he knows mine. I have a very inactive Facebook profile, but he knows how to get in there, too.

This arrangement is very practical and, well, there just isn't anything to hide, unless you find stuff like bulletins from a local dance group, division 3 rugby scores, my brother's latest photo album, or what kayaks are on sale this week suspicious.

But some couples are taking this a step further and sharing the same email account to resist online temptations. They don't consider it an act of mistrust or even deterrence. More like a safety check.


Thanks to realPatientMama for posting this wire story about couples who share email accounts in the Current Events & Hot Topics group.

Couples quoted in the article believe the joint email -- often the first names of both spouses together, like JenandDan or TheSmiths -- discourage old flames from making attempts at reconnection and also sends a message of a couple's unity.

If your spouse or SO requested that the both of you use a joint email -- no individual, private accounts -- would you agree to this? Why or why not?


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