The Color Red Revs His Engine

Most men love lingerie...that's a fact. But when they shop for you, why do they always buy something that is more trashy than sexy? Or is that just my DH? Who knew that all I had to do to get him in the mood was to show him the color red?


Kind of like a matador tempting the bull with his red cape, you can tempt a man with any kind of red. Red roses, red blanket, red sweater, even his old red t-shirt! Phew! That's much more comfy than that lace thong get-up my man bought me.

A study just published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and written about on HealthDay revealed that men felt more passionate about ladies in red. What's interesting is that the men looked at photos of women that were digitally enhanced to have either a red background or another color in one study, and women in a red shirt or other color in another study. Most men choose the photo with red in it as the woman they found most attractive, sexually desirable, or would spend the most money on if they were to go on a date. Best of all, men aren't even aware of the impact the color has on them. Oooh! It's like Kryptonite!

Hmm...who's going out to buy some red items today?

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