Sex in Public: Have You Done It?

Michele Zipp

sex in publicLet me just throw some places out there. Bar bathroom. On top of a mountain. The hood of a car parked on a dirt road. Airport. Cemetery. Have you had sex in any of these places?

Sex in public can be a rush of excitement -- the risk of getting caught coupled with the intensity of the sex itself is a major turn-on for some.

And some CafeMoms are doing it in public, too. Love it!

Ooh did I just admit something?

I've read about some getting it on in movie theaters, near the lake, in a laundromat, a park, store dressing room, the beach, an elevator, on a fire escape, in a phone booth, the backseat of a cab, even a church confessional. Wow. Wow!

Kinky mamas!

Have you had sex in public? If so, where? If you haven't, is it something you are interested in?

(Take the poll if you want to remain anonymous. Or spill it below.)


Do you have sex in public?

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