The Motorcycle Fight

motorcycle safetyMy husband and I live about five miles from a nuclear power plant.

This is his main argument for why he should be allowed to have a motorcycle. He says if the plant blows, the streets will be clogged with cars during the mass exodus. On a bike, he'll be able to leave work quickly, collect the kids, and, weaving in and out of the logjam, head north.

Never mind where he'd actually put a 6 and 4 year old on a bike as he's speeding to safety at 100 mph. And I guess I'm left hailing a cab because I don't figure into his little disaster scenario at all.


The point is, my thrill-seeking husband just wants a bike. I say over my dead body. Literally. I remember a tragic accident from my youth.

Also, a good friend of mine worked as an emergency room physician for a spell. You don't want to hear the stories my friend tells about people who get in motorcycle accidents.



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For those whose husbands or SOs already have motorcycles, or who have them yourselves, do you think they are safer or more dangerous than riding in cars? Do you let your kids ride on them?


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