Have You Had Anal Sex?

anal sexThere are many different kinds of sex -- quickie, tantric, oral, kinky, rough, slow, fill-in-the-blank here, and also anal.

Oh anal. I feel a hemorrhoid coming on just thinking of you. But that's just me. It's certainly a beloved sex act by many.


I've heard, and I should be whispering right now, that some women can orgasm from anal sex alone!

Shallow anal stimulation for a man is known to make some men climax. Massage the outside of his anus with a well-lubed finger until you feel tension released, then once it is, insert finger just an inch in. Do all this when massaging his testicles and it can be total bliss for him.

But what about for you? Some women love a little anal play -- whether it's just some finger stimulation or full on anal sex. Some even prefer it to vaginal sex. Oh la la!

Have you had anal sex?


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