Cheap, Natural Cold Sore Rx

natural cold sore treatmentMany CafeMoms say they use Abreva to treat their cold cores, the very annoying and embarrassingly public form of herpes simplex virus 1. But it costs up to $18 for a teensy tube.

Other CafeMoms have found a much cheaper, natural method of shrinking the ugly sores on their lips and mouths: tea tree oil.

What is tea tree oil?

It's the essential oil extracted from the leaves of an Australian plant. Known for itsantimicrobial properties, it's been used for centuries by aboriginals to heal burns, cuts and wounds. And you can pick up a whole bottle for about $5. Some moms say it's also great for acne.


For some reason, it seems to work really well at shriking the redness and inflammation of cold sores.

"My last one was dried up in three days, and was completely gone in a week," says one CafeMom in the Heated Debates group. "It's super cheap, can be found at any drug store or Walmart type place, and will last for freaking ever. Just dab some on 3 times a day and let it dry."

How do you treat cold scores?

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