Natural Aphrodisiacs: Would You Try Them?

natural aphrodisiacsWe all get turned on by different things -- fresh mountain air makes me excited and seeing my husband clean is like porn.

And there are foods like oysters, brie, chocolate, and doughnuts that are said to increase your sex drive.

There are even more all-natural aphrodisiacs that can help you get in the mood.


Cathy Wong, N.D., author of The Inside-Out Diet shared four things to help increase your libido in the current issue of Whole Living.

  • Chili Peppers, also jalapeno, cayenne, and habanero -- It's the capsaicin in these hotties that speeds up blood flow and releases a similar endorphin as when you are turned on.
  • Damiana -- Wong cautions that too much of this is not a good thing, so use this herb with caution (you may also want to speak with a doctor first). Damiana acts like progesterone, which regulates our sex drive.
  • Dark chocolate -- So perfect since it's my favorite kind of chocolate! Cocoa must be at least 60 percent in content to have the right amount of antioxidants to make you feel more frisky.
  • Muira puama -- This supplement is much like damiana, take with caution, but it's said to increase serotonin, that feel good hormone, and it's stimulates testosterone.

Have you tried these? What puts you in the mood?

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