Does Size Really Matter?

does size matter

Michelangelo was probably a grower

Penis size. What a topic!

There is such a thing as too big a penis -- but it does depend on the woman. Just like there is such a thing as a too small penis. One woman's dislike of a small penis could be another's gain of the perfect sized penis for her, and vice versa.

See what I'm saying?


Yet there are advertisements for pills and procedures for men to have their penis grow or become more engorged or whatever it is those pills and procedures do.

I can't believe men would want to mess with things like that, but apparently it's big business.

And of course there's the HBO show Hung, where Thomas Jane stars as a guy who puts to use his big salami so he can make some money as a prostitute. Hmm.... Enough to give some guys a complex.

Some women don't help the issue either. Years ago, a girl I knew was getting frisky with a guy. Apparently things didn't go as planned and she told all her girl friends that he was the size of a diner-sized salt shaker. You got the visual? I sure did. And it stuck in my head all these years.

Someone probably loves that salt shaker, and hey, maybe he was just soft and things weren't going right for him at that exact moment. Many guys are growers, not show-ers. You know what I mean when I say that, right? Some are small when flaccid and then grow a lot when turned on, while others "present" large even when soft.

Either way, pleasure is personal -- everyone gets turned on by different things.

What do you think? Does size really matter?

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