How Do I Get My Husband Off the Video Games?

husband video gamesOne of the things that annoys my husband the most about me is that I take too long to leave the house. So, when this happens, he turns on the XBox and he's content until I'm ready.

It's a win-win...because it annoys me when he plays video games too much, especially when I want him to be doing stuff with me!

I know I am not alone....


This post in Answers has CafeMom kellylsmith141 wondering how she can get her husband off video games.

  • An anonymous mom has said she has contemplated throwing the computer that her DH plays games off of out the window.
  • lady-J-Rock suggests to join him. Great idea -- I've done this and it is fun...for about a half hour. Then I'm over it. But hubs gets his fill.
  • ashley_nick30 says not to nag the man about playing too much or he'll just play more. Hmm...she's totally right. The nagging just makes them pause the game to get annoyed and makes the game last that much longer. 

Does your man play video games too much? Does it affect your relationship? What are your tactics to get him off the game to have more family time?

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