Who Likes the AC the Coldest in Your House?

women and men disagree on air conditioner temperatureDuring the summer there's an ongoing argument about temperature in our house:

Mr. Cafe Kim likes it COLD and cranks up the AC as high as it will go. I detest air conditioning and open all the windows whenever possible. It's hot, sure, but I don't mind; and otherwise I'm claustrophobic. Mr. Cafe Kim, however, complains that I'm trying to give him heat stroke.

I always thought he was arguing with me just to be difficult—but could there be a biological explanation for our hot and cold preferences?


This article in the Washington Post suggests that thermostat wars are occurring in houses across the country—men want the temperature to be cooler even though women are already freezing.

The explanation?

Studies have shown that women "are more sensitive to" and "have less tolerance for" the painful feelings of cold. Moreover, women's lower ratio of body mass to surface area, lesser muscle mass, and a slower resting metabolism all contribute to their preference for warmer temps.

Hmmmm....Not sure if I buy all this, especially because we have the opposite problem in the winter—Mr. Cafe Kim always wants the heat higher than I do.

How do I explain it? I think it has less to do with biology (I can tolerate pain just fine, thank you very much) and more to do with the fact that I'm in charge of paying our electric and heating bill each month, (which is a great reminder to conserve as much as possible).

The article also says that most women end up letting the men have their way with the AC thermostat, choosing to bundle up in layers to survive the chill rather than arguing. Hahaha...not in my house!

What do you think? Are you constantly fighting over the temperature in your house?


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