Dumbest Hubby and Wife Arguments


huband and wife arguments

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The worst arguments I have with my husband are not the typical deal breakers like money, sex, or parenting differences. We tend to go at it over incredibly stupid things like silverware placement in the dishwasher or the right way to fold socks.

From the Marriage and Relationships group, some really dumb husband and wife (or boyfriend and girlfriend) arguments:

-- I made a rice dinner and he wanted pasta. He wouldn't even eat that night he was so mad. But yet when I asked what he wanted for dinner earlier, he said, "It doesn't matter."

-- My DH and I argued for three hours over what actor played which character in a movie we were watching. I don't even remember the movie or the actor now, just that we argued for three flipping hours over it. Beyond stupidity.


-- When trying to pick out a name for our baby due in November, we argued for three hours (and I got upset) about being able to name the baby and call her by her middle name and not her first. He said that a first name is there for a reason and if you are going to call her by her middle name, it needs to be her first name.

-- It was over eggs. We were making a Sunday breakfast and he asked me to mix the scrambled eggs. I did mix the eggs, but apparently not well enough. He said I was lazy and did everything half-assed. It started a two-day argument.

-- We were playing World of Warcraft one night and I failed to heal his character (because mine was  being killed by another player) and he died and we both started yelling at each other, then I started crying. Then about 10 minutes later we realized how stupid we were both being. Good times.

-- It was over what looked better, a short-bed extended cab Chevrolet truck or a long-bed extended bed Chevrolet truck. This whole argument took at least 2 hours. How ridiculous!

What was the silliest argument you and your SO have ever had?

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