How Long Does Sex Last?

how long does sex lastA quickie usually takes about ten minutes -- sometimes a bit more, sometimes a little less. I'm a huge fan of quickie the intensity.

But I also love it to last longer sometimes, too. Variety is key. Keeps it spicy.


There's some discussion on how long your man lasts when having sex. Here are some answers:

  • Five minutes tops.
  • About ten minutes.
  • Thirty minutes.

The big issue with your partner not lasting long is that it can sacrifice your pleasure. Many women take a lot longer than a man to reach orgasm.

One woman said it best: If he doesn't last long, ask for more foreplay! (I say try phone sex.) Another lucky lady's man has already caught onto this. She said he doesn't last very long once inside me, but he makes sure he pleases me before.

How long does sex last for you and your partner?


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