Does Divorce Make You Sick?


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Marriage is good for your health. But what happens when marriage ends? The outlook is not so good—even if you remarry. Divorce makes people sick.


People who have been divorced (or widowed) report 20 percent more chronic health problems compared to those who stay married. People who are recently divorced have weaker immune systems than those who have been divorces for a while.

Marriage appears to boost health, both physical and emotional (especially among men). And while people who remarry are healthier than those who never marry at all, they're still not as healthy as adults who stay married.

If you're on the receiving end of divorce papers, try not to think about your ex too often—that can lead to a weak immune system. And it does makes a difference who initiates the divorce (you're better off health-wise being the "leaver" rather than the one who's "left behind").

Health experts say that it's not exactly the end of a marriage that leads to poor health, but they're still trying to figure out the connection. It could be that health problems are the result of the stress, high blood pressure, or poorer eating habits that may come with divorce.

Have marriage and divorce played a role in your health? Would you stay in an unhappy marriage if it meant you'd live longer and be healthier?


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