Sex With the Lights On or Off?


sex with lights on or off

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I don't feel that great about my body, but I don't really care if the lights are on or off when I have sex, and I've done it both ways. I guess I just kind of hope that my partner keeps his eyes closed the whole time.


But some women do have a preference when it comes to keeping the lights on during sex, and it's not surprising that their choice has to do with low self-esteem or the way they feel about their bodies—stretch marks, saggy boobs, and the like.

If you're one of those women and your significant other is begging you to keep the lights on during sex, here are some tips on how to feel better about your body.

1. Buy some new lingerie that flatters your body and look at yourself in the mirror. Instead of being critical tell yourself all the reasons you look great.

2. Don't do it in complete darkness. Light some candles. Candlelight creates shadows in all the right places and will ease you into have the lights on.

3. Find a sex position that works for you; then think about which parts of your body you really like. This will help you can figure out what sex position works for you where you can hide your perceived flaws and flaunt your assets.

4. Exercise a few hours before you know you'll be having sex. When you work out, you'll feel happier, sexier, and better about yourself. That confidence will help you keep the lights on.

Do you prefer to have sex with the lights on or off? Did you ever overcome your dislike of having sex with the lights on? How did you do it?

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