How Did You and Your SO Get Together?

how did you and your so get together?I'm such a sucker for romance, romantic comedies, those cheesy diamond commercials, you name it. So it's only fitting that I write about this news story:  A couple was brought back together by a lost love letter after a 16 year separation.

Doesn't it sound just like a Nora Ephron movie?


Steve Smith and Carmen Ruiz-Perez, both aged 42, fell in love 17 years ago. They separated when Carmen moved to France. A few years later, Steve sent a love letter to her mother's house, but it was lost for a decade when it slipped behind the mantelpiece (slipped behind the mantelpiece? Yeah, right, has anyone seen The Notebook?). Carmen recently found the letter when the house was being renovated and called Steve. The two reunited and were married last week.


I'm jealous that this couple has such a great story to tell of how they met!

I met Mr. Cafe Kim on a blind date, which is sort of romantic in a retro kind of way. But it's no where near as romantic as these two. I might have to embellish the story a little...

What do you tell people when they ask how you got together with your SO?

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