What Makes the Perfect Man?

what makes the perfect manMy mom and I love to gab on the phone. I don't even like talking on the phone, but for mom, it's an easy exception.

The other day we were talking about men -- mainly my dad, my husband, my sister's husband -- specifically what attracted us to our men and our idea of the perfect man.


Does the perfect man even exist? My mom and I decided yes and no. I mean, he may be perfect for you and perhaps even a guy's imperfections make him perfect.

My mom always loves to say that she married my dad because he was cute. I know it was more than that -- they are still together through good and bad. But hey, they are both still cute, so maybe that's something.

The perfect man is one who puts down the toilet seat, doesn't hog the remote or fart under the covers. Kidding. Not really.

My hubs does things that annoy me, yes, but he's perfect for me. If I had to make a list of three things that make up the perfect man, things thankfully Mr. Cafe Michele possesses, here they are:

  • He must be respectful to me, my family, and friends.
  • He must be a good listener and someone I can depend on especially when I need to talk, vent, smile, cry...allow me to be myself.
  • He must be someone I find so adorable, sexy, cute, and handsome that he is totally irresistible. AKA: I must have chemistry.

Of course there's lots more than can be on that list. But what about you? What makes the perfect man?

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