Sex Positions for 2009

sex positions 2009People must be having a lot of sex -- everywhere I go, I see lots of pregnant women (myself included).

Maybe it's because of the recession and people are staying in more?

Regardless, sex is good for us and so are these sex positions.



Want man on top with a twist?

  • Try the Plank Position or should we call it the Hanky Planky? It's when the man is standing next to or kneeling on the bed while the woman is on her back and brings her legs up and around his shoulders to lift her butt off the bed at an angle. The woman can keep her legs semi-closed or butterfly them open depending on what feels best. Or better yet -- change it up during the act. The man can use his hands to support woman's legs or get kinky and involve finger play. It's a great position for G-spot stimulation because of the angle the penis enters.

Want woman on top with a twist?

  • Try a seated rear entry position...let's call it the Tandem. The man is seated on a chair or side of bed (or wherever) and the woman sits on his lap, facing out, so both are looking in the same direction. It works best when the woman has foot control on the floor or ledge of some sort to help control movements. It's all about the woman's moves here and if you like deep penetration with gyrations this one is for you. You can still do up and down, but mix it up with side to side, and deep circular motions with your hips.

Have you tried either of these positions? Which one is your favorite?

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