"I Love You!" -- Men Afraid to Say It in Public

saying I Love You in public

Photo by Valerie7827

The gals in Marriage and Relationships were asking if couples say "I Love You" to each other in public, over the phone when they're at work, in front of friends, or in other non-family social situations.

When sweetmoni says the words to her husband in a room full of his buds, he replies: "Okay." He's afraid his friends will tease him.

momu2 says, "My husband used to be weird about it, too. But then he got in an accident one day on his way home from work. From then on he vowed no matter what, we would never get off the phone or say goodbye without telling each other we love you."




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Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I feel awkward saying those words to my husband on the phone when I'm at work. It feels ... out of place.

Do you verbally express your love in front of co-workers, friends, strangers in a waiting room? Do you think failure to do so says anything about the person's commitment?

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