Nocturnal Orgasm: Do You Have Them?

nocturnal orgasmHaving an orgasm in your sleep -- doesn't that sound nice? For men, it's called a wet dream, but I like the term nocturnal orgasm better when it comes to women.

Sounds so mysterious. And it is.


Some women have trouble having an orgasm -- we can all agree on that right? And lots have tried every method -- penetration, clitoral stimulation, vibrators...sometimes nothing works. But then how can some women have an orgasm in their sleep just by thoughts? Hands-free?!

It's all in the mind -- the mysterious mind.

I've done a bit of research over the years about nocturnal orgasms after I had one. I woke up just at the point of climax. I didn't remember my dream and I wasn't touching myself or doing anything out of the ordinary -- I was sleeping.

It's less common in women than in men, but women do have them and it's all tied to the brain, our thoughts, even those in the subconscious. maybe if we all start thinking about sex more....

In a small poll of only 23 CafeMoms, 56 percent had at least one nocturnal orgasm. I had my first spontaneous orgasm, as some sexologists also call it, when I was in my 20s and I had my last one just a couple of weeks ago (I'm in my 30s). So it's not just a teen thing. Thank goodness.

Have you had nocturnal orgasms?


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