Do You Have Toxic Friends?

toxic friendsYou know what I mean when I say toxic friends -- people who make you feel bad, puts you down, unreliable, demanding yet offer nothing in return. Basically, a "friend" that is not a friend.

I have one. And it makes me sad.


CafeMoms have posted about ending toxic friendships and asked advice on how best to do it.

I've known this friend since before I even had my first period -- yes, a long long time. And we've both grown up over the years, but also have grown very much apart.

Yet we have that bond and it's sad to think of all ties being cut.

Maybe I'm just hopeful something will change, but it probably won't.

I can't talk about specific instances here for fear she will read this, but it's bad -- absolutely toxic, hurtful, and selfish stuff.

Do you have toxic friends? How have you dealt with it?

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