How to Give Directions in Bed

how to give directions in bedSome people don't like asking for directions (one of my friends believes GPS saves relationships -- I have to agree), but truth is, some people need direction...and they need it in bed.

No one is going to know what turns you on unless you tell them. And sometimes you have to show them exactly how to do it.

So how can you give directions in bed without making it feel like you are being demanding? Here's how....


The key in giving directions in bed is to not make it feel like you are giving directions.

What? OK, check this out...

Instead of saying "do this" or "I want you to do it like this instead" during sex (which may make your partner feel like he isn't doing something right), talk about it before you get frisky.

For example, say something like this: I was reading this article about oral sex and it said that while you are licking my clitoris, if you use your fingers in a come hither motion you can stimulate my G-spot and it's supposed to feel really good. Want to try it?

Of course you can tailor that statement to whatever it is you want to try in bed. You can say you saw it on a TV show, read it in a book, or came across a thread where one of the CafeMoms were talking about it.

Do you have any other clever ways to give direction in bed? Share!

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