Hooray for Vibrators!

better sex with vibratorsVibrators are the hush-hush joke among women, the electric appliance that's buried in the sock drawer, or the thing that you explain aways as "um, that's my ... back massager!" when your kid accidentally finds it under the bed.

For something that's supposedly so secretive, at least half the population are using vibrators, according to a new survey. Mindy you, consider the source -- the research was funded by the people who make Trojan condoms. If you've peeked at the condom section of the store lately, you'll see that Trojan now markets mini-vibrating rings and other doo-dads, so they clearly have an interest here.

Here are the highlights of the Great Vibrator Study:

  • 45% of men, mostly straight guys when with a female partner, use them;
  • Female vibrator users are more likely to go for their annual gynecological check-ups;
  • Men who use them are more likely to go for prostate exams;
  • Women who use them say they have better sex, as well as higher desire, arousal, and orgasm.

Who wouldn't want to go out and buy a vibrator after hearing all that? 

Based on your own experiences, do you think vibrators are really all this study cracks them up to be? Do you use one regularly? Is sex really better, more intense?  

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