17 Reasons to Have Sex Tonight

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Not that you need a reason (other than that it's fun) to have sex, but if you do, here are some ways that sex helps make you healthier according to Women's Health Magazine.


1.Sex works wonders for stress relief

2. Good sex makes you more confident. If you're pleasing your partner you'll feel more powerful in other areas of your life.

3. Regular romps make you happier. In fact, research shows sex makes people happier than having money does.

4. Sex makes you skinny. A thirty minute roll in the hay burns 300 calories.

5. Sex keeps you young. David Weeks, M.D., author of Secrets of the Superyoung, says that an active sex life slows the aging process.

6. Sex can help trigger labor.

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What's your number-one reason for having sex?


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