Frequent Daily Sex Better for Baby Making

daily sex better for conceptionAs if your husband needed to be pursuaded to have more sex ... now you can tell him that contrary to popular belief daily sex boosts the chance of pregnancy. The more he ejaculates, the better the quality of his sperm, and the higher the odds one of those swimmers will penetrate an egg.

Wait! What about the old bit about refraining from intercourse a few days before ovulation to increase the volume of sperm?

That advice is heading out the window, according to a couple of doctors from an Australian fertility clinic.


The lead study author there is advising his TTC patients with normal sperm parameters to get down and dirty every day for a week before ovulation.

They think refraining from sex and stockpiling the sperm now exposes it to dangerous molecules in the testicles. But, frankly, who cares why they're telling you to have sex. They're telling you to have sex!

Get to it!

Will this news make you have more than usual?

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