Breathing Can Help You Reach Orgasm

breathe to reach orgasm

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The Kama Sutra offers up many sex positions known for deep intimacy (and often deep penetration), but there is one element often mentioned in this sex bible that doesn't sound sexual at all that is key in reaching orgasm. And that's breathing.

Tantra also focuses on breathing and it turns out, the strength or even the ability to orgasm is related to your breath as well.


If you breathe in and hold your breath before orgasm, your climax can be reduced or not felt at all. It minimizes sensation.

Instead, breathing out, a deep exhale, can increase sensation as you are nearing climax. Some even say that breathing out paired with a moan or noise helps them orgasm deeper.

Having trouble reaching climax? Deep breathing during sex can help build an orgasm as well.

If your breathing pattern during sex isn't ideal, it's going to take time a patience to get it right. Some say 45 minutes and a patient partner. You can also try it alone, during masturbation, practicing your ideal breathing pattern while you build to your climax.

For more detailed information, check out the book Tantra for Erotic Empowerment: The Key to Enriching Your Sexual Life by Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson.

Have you practiced different breathing techniques to increase your sensation of orgasm?

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