What's One Nice Thing You Did for Your SO Today?

nice gestures for spouse

Photo by geminisummerz

From the Stay at Home Moms, some of the nice things moms have done for their significant others today:

-- My husband came home from work with a sick stomach, so I mowed the lawn for him.

-- I walked him to the door in the morning, told him I love him, and have a safe ride to work.

-- I took time out of my busy day to call and arrange for his car payment.


-- I put together the magazine rack that HE bought me for Mother's Day.

-- Made him his favorite cookies.

-- Made his favorite dinner: salmon, scalloped potatoes, and baked mac and cheese. Plus I ironed all his Polos.

--I got up at 4 a.m. to make his lunch, and I kissed his stinky self as soon as he got home.

What special or loving gesture did you do for your spouse today? Every day?

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