Who Do You Compete With the Most?

I'm not talking about softball. Nef8eria asked the moms in Marriage and Relationships to take a good hard look at themselves and consider the family member, friend, ex, child, or co-worker they compete against the most in their lives.

"For me, it's my in-laws, particularly my sister-in-law and mother-in-law, as well as his nieces," Nef8eria says. "My husband always puts me in a position to feel bad if I'm not doing things the way they are doing them. So in order to keep him off my shoulders, I try to comply (rolling eyes)."


Competing against in-laws is big. So are mothers, twin sisters, girlfriends, step-children and cars LOL!

Bully for the moms who say they don't compete against anyone, like shell1m:

"Everyone is good at different things, and quite frankly it's sooo draining to try and compete with people. It causes strain on families. I like who I am, and it took me a LONG time to be able to say that. So I just enjoy my husband and kids and try not to get too aggravated with my family."

Who do you compete with in your life? Tell me why ..

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