Are You a Doormat? Take this Quiz.


treated like a doormat

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Doormat, $18

Do you feel like people walk all over you? If so, you might be a "doormat." I just found out that I'm one at Take a look at the quiz below and see where Oprah's experts rank you on the doormat scale. Then learn what you can do about it.



Answer true or false to the following statements:

1. I lie about my feelings if the truth might upset someone.

2. I want people to sense it when I've hit my limit, without my having to say anything.

3. I go blank when asked what I want, like, or think.

4. My "to do" list includes things I don't have to do, and things I don't want to do.

5. I eat, cry, smoke, or drink when I'm angry.

6. I sometimes feel quite drained; I explode at my loved ones and then feel terrible.

7. I feel panicky about the thought of someone disliking or disapproving of me.

8. I feel virtuous when I override my own needs or wishes to please others.

9. I feel resentful while doing things for other people.

10. I complain about other people's needs and demands when they aren't present.

If you answered true to one of these statements, you need to work on that particular action and reaction.

If you answered true to four or more of these statements, you are definitely a "doormat." You need to work on saying "No."

Click here for advice from Life coach Martha Beck on how to set personal boundaries and be a doormat no more.

I answered true to seven of the statements.

How about you? Are you are doormat? What are you going to do about it?

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