Divorce: Do Women in Their Early 20s Stand a Chance in Marriage?

Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce

Within the tremors of Jon and Kate Gosselin's big separation news, an anonymous mom in Answers shared some interesting divorce statistics. We've all heard that the divorce rate in America is at 50 percent. But besides Jon and Kate and their unique circumstances, who does that effect most?

Young people. Women ages 20-24 specifically. The rate is slightly higher for men in the same bracket.

This age group has the highest rate of divorce of any age group, even people under 20, and FOUR times greater than couples even in Jon and Kate's age bracket (he's 32 and she's 34). In fact, the rate drops off drastically once you make it to age 30.

Here are the stats the mom quoted, from the Forest Institute of Professonal Psychology:


Under 20: 28% of women; 12% of men;

20-24 years: 37%; 39%

25-29 years: 16%; 22%

30-34 years: 8.5%; 12% (where Jon and Kate fall)

35-39 years: 5%; 6.5%

"I was 24 when I got married. It's not all roses and laughter," says CafeMom Sillylins. "But, I didn't let those stats ruin my outlook. My parents have been married almost 31 years. It takes two to make a relationship, and that goes for saving it as well. If you don't want it everyday, then you can easily give up."

What do you make of young marriages being the ones most likely to crumble? What's the biggest contributing factor -- money, immaturity, children, sex, career lust, other?

What does it take to make a successful marriage at 20 years old?

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