Most Disgusting Habit Ever -- Spitting in Public

spitting in publicI took a fun poll in Newcomer's, in which a mom was asking which act of bodily effluence was the most disgusting to witness publicly: spitting, passing gas, or belching.

I voted "spitting," hands down. A guy hocking on the sidewalk next to me the other day almost got me. I see clumps of yellow-white stuff on the local walking path all the time, and I'm sure my kids and I have tracked the dried stuff into our house on numerous occassions.

Like some of the other poll takers mentioned, flatulence and burps are gross, but kind of excusable because they are involuntary (for the most part). Spitting is a choice, and it's almost exclusively a choice of men.

Don't they know that tuberculosis is transmitted that way? As well as gads of colds and viruses?

wildcatmomma is as repulsed as I am:


"My boys had a terrible habit, they would spit anywhere," she says. "I told them if they didn't stop, I was going to make them lick it up. It happened. My oldest spit on my girlfriend's porch and I made him lick it up. He he."

I can come up with a counterpoint to every reason those nasty public spitters try to defend themselves with:

  • I'm congested and I can't wait to expectorate. (Ever hear of a tissue?)
  • It makes me look cool. (Good luck finding a female to swap saliva with you after that.)
  • It makes me look like someone to contend with. (It makes you look like a classless barbarian.)
  • I don't like the taste of saliva in my mouth. (You need help.)

Wow, that's pretty harsh. Thanks for letting me rant. Hey, if you want to spit on your own deck, driveway, or lawn, go right ahead. I'll just look away. But when it comes to public sidewalks, roads and foot paths, please keep your saliva to yourself!

Do any of the men in your life spit? Do you condone it or scold him? If Rob Pattinson was a nasty public spitter, would you still go out with him if he asked?

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