Best Sex Position for an Ugly Day

sex positionEver have ugly days? I do. It could be my hair is a frizzy mess, I've got a pimple the size of my ass on my face (yes, I am exaggerating, a little), or I am just feeling gross. You know what I mean?

But here's the thing: Even on those days, I sometimes feel a bit frisky and wouldn't mind having sex with my hubby.

And what if it's daylight and there are no lights to turn off.

What to do? Have sex like this....


The guy lays down on his back and you get on top, straddling him, facing his feet -- it's called the Reverse Cowgirl. Yipee!

Warning: You'll have some deep penetration with this position. And that's a really good thing for some women, just be prepared for the extra sensation.

What's also great about the Reverse Cowgirl is that you do most all of the work, so your thighs get a little workout, too, as you move up and down or gyrate your hips in small circles.

Secure your balance by putting your hands in front of you (you can stimulate his testicles if he likes that) or behind you on his thighs. I have a thing for thighs, so I really like this one. If you arch your back and lean back, this could also help stimulate your G-spot.

Have you tried the Reverse Cowgirl? What is your favorite ugly day sex position?

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