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sex in the water

A nice, secluded spot for ...

CafeMoms have had sex in some pretty crazy places.

One had it in a lake.

Another had it on a jet ski in the middle of a lagoon.

In a river, under a waterfall, one mom revealed.

One did it in a swimming pool, with other swimmers 10 feet away.

Do you see a theme emerging here?

Sex in the water just seems like the summertime thing to do. But there are risks you should know about ...


According to Live Science's Sex Columnist Sally Law,

Condoms don't like water

Condom makers can't guarantee they'll work as promised when completely submerged in water. Plus the chemicals in swimming pools could eat away at the material.

Then there's the simple fact that condoms are just plain difficult to put on in the water (so people tell me ;)

Bacteria can thrive in sand and water

Just think of all those microbes that lead to beach closures. Some of them can linger in the sand. You wouldn't want those things up there, would you? Improperly maintained pools and hot tubs are also breeding grounds for bacteria.

Hot tubs lower fertility

We've all heard about this -- leading guys to walk around with the ice cubes in their shorts, right? A 2007 study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, found that total body exposure to wet heat can impair both sperm production and mobility.

Are you a fan of water sex? What was your wildest aquatic adventure?

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