Men Who Clean Have More Sex

men who clean have more sex

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According to the Textbook of Men's Mental Health, as reported in American Psychiatric Publishing (2007), men who help out with chores around the house have more sex.

I can tell you that this is totally true in my house.


When Mr. Cafe MicheleZ cleans, I get turned on. He used to be the kind of guy who would just tidy up -- never did he partake in a real clean. But many years (and much complaining) later, he's taken to vacuuming, is on official liter box clean up duty daily, takes care of the dishes, and even scrubs the tub.

As a result, I'm not as cranky or overwhelmed with cleaning, giving us more time to get it on.

Are you going to forward this to your husband, now?

Do you agree? Do men who clean more get more sex?

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