G-spot: How to Find Yours


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There is this spot, about one to two inches inside your vagina, called the G-spot. And some women experience great pleasure when this fleshy area is stimulated.

Want to know how to find yours? Hell, yeah!


First it's important to note that the G-spot is named after German-American gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, a man who studied the role of the woman's urethra in orgasm. Hello, lover! It was 1944 when he first described the sensitive area in a woman's vagina, now known as the G-spot. How cool is it to have a type of orgasm named after you!?

You can find yours by making a peace sign, putting those two fingers together, insert about an inch or two into your vagina -- pads of your fingers toward the front of your body -- and make a come hither motion. Feel around for a fleshy spot that when pressed, makes you feel like you have to pee. Some say it gives them a similar feeling to when you are pushing out a baby.

Get ready because you might ejaculate. What?! Oh yes, with G-spot orgasms, there is sometimes a fluid that is released from the urethra, but don't freak, it's not urine. It may have a sweet scent and it's clear. Some excrete a tiny bit, others gush a whole lot.

Warning though, while a G-spot orgasm will totally rock your world, it's one of the hardest orgasms to achieve. Like with many orgasms, you have to be fully relaxed, whether you are trying it alone or with your partner. Or you can enlist a sex toy for help. Babeland's Bgee ($35) has an angled tip that you can stimulate your G-spot when the toy is either turned on or off. (You have to be turned on.)

I do suggest feeling for your G-spot with your fingers first, so you can locate the area. Don't be discouraged if you can't find it. Keep trying! Even if you can't reach climax, the G-spot feels ticklish and can be a turn on for many.

I also recommend the book Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot by Deborah Sundahl for more details on how to achieve this illusive, but mind-blowing orgasm.

Have you ever had a G-spot orgasm? Will you give it a try?


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