What Are Your Husband's Bad Habits?

men's bad habitsWhen men have good habits, like cleaning the house, they get more sex -- I think most of us agreed on that.

But what about those bad habits men have? Some of them are enough to make any woman crazy.


In the Newcomers Club, lots of CafeMoms are dishing about their hubby's not so desirable habits. MySpaceMomof3 started it off saying how her man leaves his whiskers in and all around the sink after shaving and how he gets pee on the rim and doesn't clean it up. Um, my hubs? Guilty of that, too!

mommy2isabella shared that her husband throws his clothes near the laundry basket but not in it.

mclinton0026 said her husband takes out the trash and doesn't put a new bag in.

workinmom03 told us that her man thinks he's right about everything.

OK, Mr. CafeMicheleZ is guilty, guilty, guilty!

Does your man have these bad habits? What does he do that drives you crazy?

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