Great Sex Position for Quickies

quickie sex positionQuick! You've got ten minutes before the kids get home, the baby wakes up, your in-laws arrive -- whatever the case -- and you're feeling frisky.

What's the best sex position to get it on with no time to spare?


Let's call it the vertical G-spot stimulator, but some people call it the Caveman. It's when you are both standing, facing same direction, man behind woman. It's best if you can steady yourself on a table, counter-top, or bathroom sink (in a restaurant restroom if you're kinky). And for some, it is a great angle to stimulate your G-spot.

Tilt your pelvis up and back, fully arch back, for best access for your man. If he is a lot taller or shorter than you, you may need to adjust the bend of your or his knees.

If you like clitoral stimulation, use one of your hands (or guide his fingers) to pleasure you in this position.

Reach back, between your legs, to gently rub his scrotum...if he's into that kind of thing.

Got ten minutes? Go have yourself a quickie!

What is your favorite quickie position?

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