Friending Your Ex on Facebook

friending your ex on facebookA sampling of what moms in the Marriage and Relationships group said when asked if they would accept a friend invite from ex husbands, boyfriends, or sex friends on Facebook -- or if it was okay for their SO to:

-- It would depend on the situation, who the "friends" are today, and how long ago this took place.

-- Nope. There are two girls who my husband knows will piss me off if he's friends with them, because after we were married they still tried to break us up and they still tell him how much they love and miss him (crossing friendship boundaries).

-- I wouldn't do it, so I hope he wouldn't either. If it was someone from way back, and everyone has moved on, then I wouldn't care. I couldn't be friends with the last person I was with before my husband.


-- I am friends with a few men I had sex with in the past, college years. We are all married and I'm not interested in having sex with them. We keep everything pretty quiet, commenting on the children and wishing each other well.

Are you friends with people from past relationships? How does your spouse or boyfriend feel about it? How do you feel about his exes as friends?

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