Best Morning Sex Position

best morning sex positionI don't really have an interest in seeing the Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds film The Proposal, but every time the preview comes on TV and Ryan with his morning wood snuggles up next to Sandra in bed and she freaks outs, I giggle and think of the best morning sex position.

Ah morning time -- quite possibly the best and worst time to have sex.


It's the best because the man is usually all set to go, your bodies are warm from just waking up under the covers, and you don't have time to think about all the things you really should be doing since your brain isn't working at full steam yet (well, at least mine isn't when I first wake up).

It's the worst because of stinky breath, you may still be too tired, and well, stinky breath.

If you are going to go for it without running off to brush teeth before doing the deed, you can avoid the worst of it and only reap the rewards of the best by a spooning position, man behind woman.

Ladies, you can bend your legs and arch your back so your vagina is tilted back toward your man. You can also try lifting your leg up or even up and back over your man's backside.

This is also a great sex position during pregnancy since it won't put too much pressure on the belly.

Do you have morning sex? What is your favorite morning sex position?

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