Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

infidelityI was cheated on once, that I know of. I'll spare us both the details of this painful memory, but it involved a post-college boyfriend, his co-worker who I considered a "friend," and a raid on his apartment where I actually caught the denying little b*****d in the act.

Suffice it to say he's long gone. And today I'm totally thrilled that it happened. I'm with the man of my dreams, a handsome, passionate, sensitive and supportive husband and father.

Still, it's very upsetting to know how common cheating is -- if you read the post in Advice for Moms on men who cheat you'll understand. There are so many dawgs out there, yet moms have different feelings about cheaters and whether or not it's wise to take one back.


After being through it once, I'm on the same page as MAyers. My Darling Husband, consider yourself warned ...

"I have been cheated on by six boyfriends," she says. "My husband is the one that hasn't cheated on me. He knows how I feel about it, and if I ever caught him, he wouldn't see me again until we were in court deciding who gets what."

How do you feel about cheating? Would you or did you take him back? Has he behaved so far?

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