Write a Love Letter to Your Sweetie

love letter

Photo from Twig & Thistle

While you're working up the nerve or perfecting your script for a little phone sex, why not write your sweetie a love letter?


As busy parents with kids and all their sports and dance classes and teacher conferences and permission slips and shoe-tying lessons and "Milk, milk, milk!" wants, sometimes it seems impossible to STOP and hold hands, let alone remember why you got together in the first place and work up enough passion for even a short, steamy kiss.

A good love letter can work wonders for any relationship that needs a bit of riling up. Not only will it make your sweetie feel good and loved and, depending what you write, wild and woolly for you, but a good love letter will also help you remember the heat in your heart while you write it. Seriously, it is still in there. You just have to set it free.

Do you and your sweetie ever exchange love letters? Does it do the trick?

(photo found via swissmiss)

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