Phone Sex: Would You Make the Call?

phone sexPhone sex -- I think it's a lost art. But I have to admit, I hate talking on the phone.

It's strange considering when I was a teenager the phone was practically connected to my ear at all times. But now I cannot imagine having a call long enough for it to be sexy. But that would certainly spark things up a little. So I decided to try it.


Attempt #1: Cell phone call. Mid-day, during a walk outside the office, called husband working at home. I wanted to have some dirty talk to get a jump start on what I hoped would be our evening. I got his voicemail.

Attempt #2: Nighttime. On way home to meet him. Called him from my cell to mumble some sweet nothings but the connection was bad and he kept saying, "What?" Mood kill. Aborted mission.

Attempt #3: Scenario #1 only he answered and said he wasn't busy. I seized the opportunity. "I love you," I said. "I can't wait to kiss you."

"I can't either," he told me. "What do you want for dinner later?"

"You," I said.

"Me?" he laughed.

"Yes, you. I want to be with you. I want you."

I felt a surge of heat go through me. And I could tell from the way his tone got softer that he was getting turned on. 

Phone sex, or shall we say sweet nothings whispered into the phone, can be foreplay's foreplay. So why not get it started before you even see each other? Here are some tips:

  • If you are on a cell phone, make sure you first have a good connection.
  • Phone booths are dirty, but they can be dirty in a good way, too. Slipping away from friends or co-workers to make an indecent call in a phone booth to your lover could get you in the mood faster than you think.
  • Get yourself in the mood first. Before you make the call, think about sex. Re-live some sexual moment you had or saw on TV. Then dial.
  • Talk slowly. Fast talking is about as unromantic as super fast sex.
  • Make sure you are both in a place where it is OK to talk freely. If your lover is busy, leave him or her with a quick thought like, "Call me when you can talk. I need to tell you what naughty plans I have for us tonight."
  • Never think you'll have nothing to say. If you are short on thought, recall some highlights from the last time you had sex with your partner. Say, "Remember when I stroked your thighs last week...I want to do that again. I want you to do that to me."
  • Three word sentences do the trick: I want you. I love you. I need you. I can't wait.
  • Put imagination to work. Start sentences with "Imagine I'm..." and make it as naughty as you want for the rest. "Imagine I am kissing your neck/licking your back/moving my body against yours/touching your cock/licking your breasts." Make sure you use the words your lover finds sexy.
  • Ask questions. Ask your lover on the line what he/she would do if you were there, naked. Then ask for more details.
  • Respond with a smile. You know how if you smile while you are talking on the phone it makes you sound happy? Same applies here, but make it a sly and sexy smile to make your tone put you and your partner in the mood. 
  • Follow through with your phone promises when you get home. This will give you even more material for the next call.

Do you have phone sex with your significant other?

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