Masturbation: Does it Bother You When Your Husband Does It?

masturbation does it bother you when your husband does itThere are so many benefits of orgasm -- besides the great feeling, it helps reduce stress and even helps some sleep. A friend of mine travels a lot and if away from her boyfriend, she masturbates before bed and falls right asleep.

But some don't like it when their significant other practices some themself.

For my friend's bachelorette party, I bought her a vibrator -- part of a big package of kinky gifts for the bride-to-be. She told me that her soon-to-be husband got upset when he saw it thinking she wasn't satisfied with their sex life, told her friends, which then made us buy her the vibrator to help her out. This was not at all the case.

Masturbation. It's a touchy subject....


According to a poll of over 1000 CafeMoms,19 percent say their husband does not practice self-love.

If your significant other masturbates, does it bother you?


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