Are You Having More Sex Because of the Recession?

more sex because of the recession

Hubs and I

More than half of my friends are out of work because of the recession, including my husband, and what I find interesting is that not only do we have unemployment checks in common, but we're all having a lot more sex.

Talk about a stimulus package!


I can speak for myself and say it's because my hubs and I are staying in more...and getting more creative with our time. Which is great. We're being smart with our money, working off some calories between the sheets, fending off stress by being intimate, and having some great bonding moments.

Of course, it can go the other way, too. The recession is stressful, sometimes causing arguments in the home, and putting distance between couples. But it sure would be great to make the best of a bad situation by getting it on more.

CafeMoms who responded to the question Does a recession equal less sex? were split. Some said yes, others said no.

What about you? Are you having more sex because of the recession?

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