Can Strip Clubs Help Your Relationship?

strip clubAm I the only woman who's shown interest in going to a strip club with her boyfriend? Unfortunately, but fortunately for me, my boyfriend doesn't like strip clubs. Rather than turning him on, they make him kind of sad. Dangit, I just want the experience, to find out what so many men are so turned on by in those dark, shady joints. Are they really that sexy?



Mike Cleary thinks so. In "Why Strip Clubs Are Good For Marriage" on Your Tango, he described himself as a "garden-variety business-traveling strip club patron, for whom a lap dance with a client is like a harmless game of golf." Cleary defends his patronage as simply a means to bond with business associates and relieve some stress. He wrote: "Let's be clear: if your man plies his trade taking client abuse or has ever attended a conference that finds him in a hotel banquet hall for 12 hours of PowerPoint torture, you can assume your honey has blown off steam, at least once, by contributing to some gal's plastic surgery fund, one crumpled bill at a time." But why not a game of golf? And what does his wife think? Well, the strip club arouses Cleary to go home to his wife for sex, which after years of monogamy helps spice things up -- she's on board. "Sexual arousal is a lot like a garment produced in a Kathie Lee Gifford sweatshop: you should enjoy it for what it is instead of obsessing over what went into creating it."


He certainly makes a strong argument, but how do you feel about your partner going to strip clubs?

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