Are You Open to an Open Relationship?


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Photo by foxy81

I came across an article on Your Tango called "Portrait of an Open Marriage," by Jenny Block. In this portrait, Block shared how she went from monogamy to three's company.



"For my husband, sex with me was about loving me. And loving me was about caring for and respecting me. Although there are people who can manage that duality (or plurality), my husband simply couldn’t. And I wasn’t sure he should have to. But I also wasn’t sure that I should have to go without," she wrote.

Instead of getting a divorce, Block and her husband found a way to make their relationship work, which meant including more partners. She even wrote a book about it titled, Open: Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage. But not everyone agrees with this more-the-merrier lifestyle. Some therapists believe that you're not only more at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, but you're also creating an environment of jealousy and heartbreak. 

What do you think about open relationships?

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