Would You Try It? You Own Internet Sex Diary?

bedpostWith this new website, BedPost, you can write about your romps between the sheets.

It's like a super-private, frisky Facebook for your sex life. The tagline for this new internet sex diary is, "Ever wonder how often you get busy?"


The website is straightforward. You sign into Bedpost, and you are directed to your calendar.

On that calendar, you can write down when you did it, with whom, how long it took and how good it was (or wasn't).

You can track your masturbation sessions. You can create charts on how long you lasted. You can see in a report what time of day you tend to have sex.

I don't know about you, but compiling statistical data analysis of my sex life sounds way hot to me. Still, maybe it could be funny to take note of new and improved uses for household items. I don't know.

To share stories and ask intimate questions, you can also check out the private CafeMom groups Sex Tips for Married Women and Young Moms & Sex Talk.

Would you try Bedpost? A website to track your sex life?

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