3 Easy Ways to Turn Him On

love sexWednesday is hump day, so why not make the week go by a little faster?

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes men need more than a hello to get in the mood for sex.

Here are 3 easy ways to turn him on from Glamour's Single-ish Blogger.


Be aggressive. Take the reins every once in a while. Tell him what you want and when.

Be sugTEXTive. Send racy texts, emails or an actual letter.

Be selfish. Go for what you want. Tell him when you'd like to see him naked. Then tell him you like this touch there, and you want this position please. He'll like seeing you in control and having fun. He'll like it a lot.

Meanwhile, how do you get in the mood when you're just not? Here are some answers from CafeMoms in the Answers section.

  • "The minute we get into it, I start getting into it, and then when it's over, I think to myself, 'I can't believe I was about to pass that up.'
  • "Try to have just a day or night set aside for you and hum. You will get excited and so will he when you both know that certain time is coming up."

How do you get your guy turned on? Do you have any tricks? What about you? How do you get in the mood?

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